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Name that Riff Do-overs..... Gez

2007-10-11 12:59:51 by dgez

Since newgrounds now lets you edit your audio submissions, I will be remaking some of my crappier quality uploads.

I will be re-do'ing quite a few of my earlier submissions. I will add to this post as I remake them

Re-do's done :
1) Name That Riff VIII
2) Name That Solo VI
3) Name That Solo XIII
4) Name That Riff VI
5) Name That Riff IV
6) Name That Riff VII
7) Name That Riff XVI
8) Name That Riff XIV
9) Name That Solo III

Play Name That Riff, great way to pass a little time.

2007-09-17 15:45:21 by dgez

You guys remember the game show Name That Tune don't ya? This idea (or lack thereof) of Name That Riff started after a long night of partying. I'd play something on the guitar and had my friends see who could guess the quickest...

So check it out, its a great way to kill some time.

If I could do flash I would have made a more interactive game...but oh well..