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Entry #2

Name that Riff Do-overs..... Gez

2007-10-11 12:59:51 by dgez

Since newgrounds now lets you edit your audio submissions, I will be remaking some of my crappier quality uploads.

I will be re-do'ing quite a few of my earlier submissions. I will add to this post as I remake them

Re-do's done :
1) Name That Riff VIII
2) Name That Solo VI
3) Name That Solo XIII
4) Name That Riff VI
5) Name That Riff IV
6) Name That Riff VII
7) Name That Riff XVI
8) Name That Riff XIV
9) Name That Solo III


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2008-09-27 09:55:37

Series is wonderful, also, I just noticed that the guitar in your header is the same as the one in my header.


2008-11-29 20:35:32

You are the most metal guy I've ever heard